Move to the West Coast

Disclaimer: This is a guest-submitted article. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the following article belong solely to the guest author, and do not necessarily reflect the views, thoughts, and opinions of Stark Group Real Estate.

The Western United States has been a hub of opportunity and growth for quite some time now. Nice weather, a technology jungle, and its own unique culture give the west a unique value when it comes to home living. If your current apartment in Austin, Texas isn’t quite cutting it and the only fix is the perfect climate and loads of opportunity, moving to Rocklin, CA might be the right move for you. Follow these four tips for moving across the country to the West:

1. Declutter & Get Rid of Junk

Moving in general is by no means cheap. Couple that with the fact that you’ll be moving across the country, and it gets even more expensive. Keeping that in mind, it’s important that you take advantage of the situation and keep costs low. This means going through everything (yes, everything) and making important evaluations of what to keep and get rid of. If you’re making a far move, from Florida to California for example, hiring professional junk removers will help to save money on your trek across the states.

There’s no need to bring along things you might use, because that usually means that you won’t use it. Cut down on the sheer volume of things you have, and in turn you will have a smoother transition moving into your new place.

2. Prep Your Vehicle for the Move

If you are going to move across the country, the best bet for transporting all of your possessions would be a moving truck. Moving truck rates are different per state and city, so before you move find the best rate for your trip to cut down on any costs possible. If you are not willing to, or are ambitious enough, using your own vehicle is also an option, though it may take several trips depending on how frugal you are. In either case, making sure your things are protected is a must, especially since they will be on the road with you for multiple days or even weeks. The two staples of moving are blankets and cardboard boxes. The boxes should be used for your most fragile and expensive goods, and be sure to keep them close to the ground of your vehicle in case they fall. The blankets should be used for padding on furniture and electronics, like TV’s, so they don’t get scratched. The key is to prevent anything from potentially happening to anything you have, so prepare ahead of time.

3. Make a Moving Plan

Moving across the country cannot be done on a whim. Well, it can be, but the whim should have some serious thought involved with it. Due to the longevity of the trip, making a plan of nearly everything that will take place during it is important. Don’t be shy about how in depth you go; plan everything from where you’ll eat, sleep, even down to where you get gas. Being punctual and sticking to a plan will make the entire ordeal much less stressful and will steer clear of any unwanted spending. Leaving things up to chance in a time like this is most likely only to cause anxiety, so prepare early and avoid it.

4. Plan Ahead for a Smooth Move-In

Much like making a plan, make sure that you have a few key elements waiting for you at your new destination across the country. For starters, make sure you look for jobs, or make sure that your current job will allow you to work from your new home. Some places may only let you interview in person, so set up several interviews just in case your dream job falls through. Also, make sure to get documents and other governmental materials in order; this includes a new license for the state, insurance, proper license plates, just to name a few. Additionally, try to make connections with people so you have someone to talk to when you get there. Telling friends and family about the move will potentially create friend-connections, making you less lonely in your new city.