Commuting to Sacramento Times

When you’re commuting to Sacramento, you’ll want to make the most of every minute. Podcasts, morning radio and music can all pass the time, but for California commutes, you’re bound to need a game plan. You won’t get a better commute from Sacramento than inside Sacramento, of course, but you’ll find more of California’s best sights and sounds outside of the city. You’ll be close enough to Sacramento’s best, and fortunately further from the tediousness aspects of city sprawl.

Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn and all the other towns that make up the greater Sacramento area all have their pros and cons not only in terms of their commute time to downtown Sacramento, but for each town’s overall quality of life. Outdoor adventuring, family activities, or even just a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle are all things best gotten from Sacramento’s neighboring towns.

You might venture outside your Placer County home for a few Sacramento originals now and again–but then, when you’re speeding down the highway in your ideal car, it’s only a hop, skip and a jump, even if you’re looking at a long trip.

Roseville to Sacramento Commute: 19 miles

Time to Commute to Sacramento from Roseville

The average morning commute takes about 50 minutes.

You might decide to settle in the small city of Roseville, a sleepy town in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada Foothills. If you do, you’ll find plenty to love, from plentiful hiking and biking trails to a solid school system. Not a bad deal, and only 20-25 minutes from Downtown Sacramento outside of rush hours.

Commuting Quick Tip: Ask your company if they offer any commuting discounts, gas coupons or pre-tax buy-ins for parking and transportation. Consider telecommuting once or twice a week to cut down on road time.

Rocklin to Sacramento Commute: 21 miles

Time to Commute to Sacramento from Rocklin

The average morning commute takes about 55 minutes.

Some magazines have named it one of the best towns for families and individuals alike, but it happens to be Rocklin’s perfect positioning between California sights that makes it a real winner. It’s only 25-30 minutes or so from Sacramento outside of rush hours and, for a quick getaway, just under two hours from Lake Tahoe.

Commuting Quick Tip: Get a new traffic tracking app. Plan around the worst of your commute with social media and quick updates. Scan Twitter for traffic intel, or use an app or service like Commuter Feed or Waze.

Folsom to Sacramento Commute: 24 miles

Time to Commute to Sacramento from Folsom

The average morning commute takes about 55 minutes.

Just along the Sacramento River, you might best recognize this town from the Johnny Cash song that popularized it. Check out the Folsom City Zoo, historical bridges, architecture and even lunch by Lake Natoma.

Commuting Quick Tip: Stay Zen behind the wheel. Avoid road rage and commute stress with an objective look at your route, or a good audiobook to keep you company. Take a few deep breaths. Think of your route like a complex puzzle, rather than a chore.

Auburn to Sacramento Commute: 33 miles

Time to Commute to Sacramento from Auburn

The average morning commute takes about 65 minutes.

This tiny town’s got a lot to offer in terms of acreage for each home, and plenty more in the way of its rustic downtown. Stroll along either Auburn downtown or old town, and you might encounter a local festival or just some small-town charm.

Commuting Quick Tip: Make use of the downtime. Have a book you’ve been dying to read? Or a new album you’ve been thinking of giving a spin? Listen to them over your drive. Find news and podcasts to keep yourself occupied during your daily drive. You might even find a new favorite.

Lincoln to Sacramento Commute: 29 miles

Time to Commute to Sacramento from Lincoln

The average morning commute takes about 65 minutes.

Formerly a farm town, Lincoln now boasts cozy communities and upscale housing on top of its perfect weather, quaint shops and top-notch dining. Keep an eye out for tickets to the Chocolate Lovers’ Ball, an annual event for sweet teeth, and make sure you stroll through Lincoln’s downtown.

Commuting Quick Tip: Keep your space tidy. Clean out any trash or clutter, and find spots for all of your gadgets so they’re in easy reach. Use velcro or a magnetic strip to attach essentials to your dashboard, and keep a small trash bag handy for coffee cups and other waste.

Granite Bay to Sacramento: 26 miles

Time to Commute to Sacramento from Granite Bay

The average morning commute takes about 65 minutes.

Granite Bay boasts beautiful parks and trails, like Miners Ravine Nature Reserve and Treelake Park. Access to both public and private tennis courts, golf clubs, and equestrian centers makes Granite Bay the perfect place for active residents.

Commuting Quick Tip: Take a scenic route. When you’re in some of the most beautiful parts of California, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage. A long ride can be made much shorter by a little detour down a country lane. You might even find yourself taking a trip just for the fun of it.

More Sacramento Area Information

If you’d like to see a full list of Sacramento area commute times, you can see a detailed list here. By following some of the commuting quick tips above, investing in a reliable vehicle, and learning about what the Sacramento area has to offer, you’ll be ready to hit the road in no time.

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