Modern Man Cave Ideas and Tips for Small Rooms

Imagine a personal sanctuary in your home dedicated to all the games, movies, sports, and beer drinking with the guys that you could ever want. That is the “perfect” man cave after all, right?

With personal space becoming more and more important, dedicated spaces for modern man caves are increasingly sought after when shopping for a new home. Whether you have space in your current home or are looking for a new home with a dedicated den space, here’s a list of the best modern man cave ideas for small rooms.

Man cave interior design options

Man cave interior design options

The proper layout for a compact man cave is imperative for maximizing the small space you’ve set aside in your home. Plus, it keeps it from looking like a storage room with some furniture in it.

When it comes to your options for interior design, utilize whatever space you have available; your basement, attic, garage or spare room are all viable location ideas for a man cave. Then chose a few tasteful and functional pieces of the room and draw out a rough draft of where you’ll put everything before moving in.

This will help you decide which pieces to actually buy since you’ll know the space better. Be sure to have the actual room measurements reflected in your drafts.

Modern man cave theme ideas

Modern Man Cave Theme Ideas

Your man cave is the one room in the house that you can make your own. The style and theme of your hideout can reflect your personal taste and doesn’t have to conform to the rest of the house.

Base the design of the room to reflect your likes and hobbies, such as a sports bar if you love sports, or a music room if that’s your thing. Take advantage of your space being in a secluded part of the home to run wild with your ideas. Unless yours is a section of a common area, have a little fun with the theme, whether it be traditional, contemporary, or a style of your own making.

Here are some theme ideas for modern man caves:

  • Hunting / Fishing Theme
  • Favorite Sports Team Theme (Basketball, Football, Baseball, etc…)
  • Poker Night / Las Vegas Strip Theme
  • Fine Cigar Lounge or Bar Theme
  • Cars / Sports Car Theme
  • Motorcycle / Harley Davidson Theme
  • Retro Video Games Theme
  • Golf Theme
  • Tiki Bar / Beach Theme

Picking decor for your den

Picking decor for your den

When it comes to decor, less is more. Be wary of going overboard with man cave decorations, as it will can make your space feel too small and cluttered. Select a few favorite pieces that will accent the space, not overload it, such as special sports memorabilia, a prized guitar, favorite piece of art, or collectible vintage items you want to show off. Overall, the decor should match your interests and reflect the theme of the room for a clean and comfortable look.

Check out some man cave decor ideas for inspiration.

Functional furniture maximizes small space

Functional Furniture Maximizes Storage Space

In smaller man caves, be sure to opt for furniture that will serve multiple purposes. The most common pieces found in man caves include seating options like couches and recliners, with side tables for easy access to beverages and snacks. You might also want to consider a sofa bed for when you need a guest room.

Organizational pieces, like a TV stand or entertainment center and coffee tables with drawers, are also important for stashing smaller things like game controllers, remotes, board games, and other miscellaneous items.

Tables that have the option to extend are also great, as you can decide how much space you need for any given event or time. Medium to dark colored furniture won’t show dirt and dust as easily, plus they will match almost any color scheme of the room. You should also consider low maintenance furniture that’s easy to clean after big hangouts with friends.

Ultimately, you want to go for solid pieces that will provide maximum comfort, functionality, and match the rest of the room.

Setting up an entertainment system

Entertainment System Ideas for Man Caves

Having an entertainment system is an absolute must for modern man caves. Save space by hanging your TV with a wall mounted bracket. You can also use a hanging shelf underneath for your cable box, video game console, stereo system, and any other electronics. It’s best to stick with one system that will work with the theme of the space.

If possible, do your best to plan out any wiring or outlet modifications you’ll need before installing so you can organize the space efficiently in your small room. It might make sense to have a Cat5e ethernet jack installed if you plan to do some heavy streaming or gaming.

Man cave storage is important

In a smaller room, efficient storage is essential. Free up floor space by hanging full overlay cabinets. You can use them to hide excess clutter, or even better — you can create a minibar or bar cabinet with some counter space where you can keep your bartending equipment and liquor. Adding natural elements, such as wood cabinets, also creates a rustic and masculine atmosphere and compliments leather furniture well.

Pro tip: Build a Murphy bar maximize space and fold down the bar whenever you need to use it:

Den lighting makes all the difference

Proper lighting will help to establish the atmosphere of your small man cave. While some prefer less lighting and stay true to the “cave” feel, it doesn’t mean it has to be dim. Install ceiling mounted fixtures to keep it bright, and use dimmers to control the exact ambiance you want. Additional lighting, like vintage neon signs and industrial-looking hanging bulbs, is also fun and adds a decorative flair to your small man haven. Adding under-cabinet lights to your minibar is another way to add extra ambiance and give your man space a modern, high-tech feel.