Where to See Christmas Lights in Rocklin and Roseville, CA

Where to See Christmas Lights in Rocklin and Roseville, CA

The holiday season is nothing without good light displays. Regardless of what you’re celebrating this December, brightly lit Rocklin homes and tastefully made decorations are exciting and fun to gaze at with family and friends.

Cutting down your own tree and decorating your own home can be an exciting way to experience the beauty of Christmas lights. After you load the perfect tree into your pickup and stock up on decorations at Costco, get some decoration inspiration from some of the best Christmas light displays near Rocklin before you start to craft your own Christmas light wonderland.

There’s several famous spots where locals can walk and drive around near Rocklin to see Christmas lights, most of which are easily accessed on all nights throughout December. Plenty of these displays also run alongside donation drives for charities around the Sacramento area, so prepare accordingly to keep the lights as a positive influence on your community! The spirit of giving is in the air and it needs your help to keep going. So if you’re in the mood for some holiday-themed decorative lights, good fun, and have the time to spare, take a look at these ideas for a good time.

1. Pebble Creek Drive Christmas Lights (Rocklin)

If anywhere in Rocklin is famous for a good light display, it’s Pebble Creek. The street has been collectively doing this display for years, and while it’s not a professional creation, it’s impressive in its own right. Nearly every house in the area has put some sort of effort into Christmas lights and decorations, lighting up the whole street and attracting spectators.

Locals tend to suggest driving the street for the easiest way to view all the lights in a timely manner. Not to mention, driving around in the car means you get to crank both the heater and your favorite Christmas tunes. It’s a win-win!

Those that want to get pictures with the lights and get a close up look are encouraged to walk to avoid holding up traffic and to get the best possible shots and views. Just be sure to dress warmly, and maybe bring along a thermos of a nice hot cocoa for the best holiday light experience.

2. Christmas Lights Drive-Thru at Bayside Church, Adventure Campus (Roseville)

In Roseville at the Bayside Church, Adventure campus, they run their own light show that’s completely free, although you need to register here for a visit date and time in advance.

The light show is a well-organized drive-through experience, with ushers moving cars at a steady and consistent pace throughout the display, giving ample time to view every unique display. In addition to the displays, the church has their own exclusive radio station for the patrons to play during their drive, so each car is aglow in the lights and filled with Christmas music. Load up on hot cocoa and other treats, pack the kids into the family vehicle and open your eyes to the wonders Bayside Church puts on each year.

Here’s a small taste of what you can expect to see this year:

If you feel compelled to, Bayside is taking donations for the Christmas Lights Drive-Thru to help send special needs or disadvantaged children within the Roseville/Rocklin community to summer school and kids camp. You can learn more and donate here.

3. Kingswood Drive Christmas Lights (Roseville)

As featured on Good Morning Sacramento and Roseville Magazine, Kingswood Drive is a fun display, and usually consists of lights and character displays, like out of Disney and other features.

This year, the lights will be on from dusk to 11PM from November 30th to January 6th. Often the 80,000+ lights can be a bit goofy and off-season, with Santa Claus sitting alongside flamingos or hippos. It’s an odd tradition, but the residents are having fun with the holiday season for the benefit of all light-seeking visitors. In the past, there have also been collections for sock donations to benefit The Gathering Inn charity, which benefits people who are homeless or have mental illnesses.

4. Christmas Lights at Twinwood Loop (Roseville)

Another great display with an associated charity is at Twinwood Loop, where residents go all-out on lights. Not only are the properties glowing with holiday cheer, they even create archways for pedestrians to stroll under while visiting. As part of a food drive, Twinwood Loop usually takes canned goods for the Placer Food Bank, so keep that in mind when readying yourself to head out. As with any holiday lights display, dress warmly if you’re going to walk it, as it can get deceptively cold after dark. It’s also recommended you bring some hot cocoa or another warm drink to get in the festive spirit.

5. Dovewood Court Christmas Lights (Orangevale)

Although not in Rocklin or Roseville, nearby residents of Dovewood Court in Orangevale have their own communal light display called the “Parade of Lights” that’s been running for over 20 years. People from all over the greater Sacramento area come to the court to see this spectacular Christmas light setup.

The court is usually fully lit up by December 3rd, though a conveniently placed sign at the beginning of the drive will say so. Drives through the area at a leisurely pace generally take twenty-five minutes to see all of the lights, although traffic to the street can add a little time to this. If you’d like to walk, you can try to find a parking spot on an adjacent street and make your way in to experience the lights up close. Remember, it can get cold at night so don’t forget to bundle up!

The court also has a donation bin towards the end of the display where they gladly take food donations for the Food for Families charity, so if you can, bring some non-perishable food donations to help local families in need.

Remember to Bring…

All of these great light displays are fun for the whole family. Bring a camera along and snap some holiday memories with the kids or friends so you’ll have some photos to fondly look back on in Decembers to come.

Make sure to look up what sort of charities you can support by going to these displays, and if you’d like to give to the community, make sure you bring donations along. While viewing lights is one way to get into the holiday spirit, charitable giving can help those who are less fortunate or struggling financially to have a carefree Christmas and is a great way to spread Christmas cheer!