Kitchen Refurbishment Ideas on a Budget

Looking to liven up your kitchen on a budget? If your kitchen is feeling a bit dated or just isn’t doing it for you anymore, don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to revitalize your space. All it’s gonna take from you is some creative thinking and the passion necessary to execute your vision. So let’s get crackin’! Read on for our top 10 kitchen refurbishment ideas on a budget.

1. Start by evaluating your kitchen

Are you using your current space effectively? If you’re willing to dedicate your time to looking through all that’s in your kitchen and how it’s organized, you can make improvements to your kitchen that help with both aesthetics and usability.

Sort through your current arrangement and ask yourself: what cookware do I use most often? Is there anything I can get rid of or move? Are the things I access most frequently easy and comfortable to access? Is there any extra cupboard or cabinet space that is not being used to its full potential?

Answering these questions will help guide your refurbishing priorities and also probably help you clear your worktops of things, too.

2. Refurbish your cabinets

Painting your cabinets is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to freshen up the look of your kitchen. Apply a few coats of the original color to bring life back to your cabinets, or use a new color to give your kitchen a fresh look.

Keep in mind, the kitchen is naturally one of the busiest areas of your home, both visually and in terms of the use of space, so subtle, non-flashy colors may be best for your home.

3. Replace your cabinet doors and handles

Refurbished Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Another small touch that makes a big difference? Replacing your cabinet handles. Switching outdated handles out for new ones and adding a new stain or paint to your cabinets might just be all you need to do for a fairly drastic, easy change.

If you’re matching cabinets with black stainless steel appliances, opting for lighter painted cabinets can create an inviting, unique look.

4. Upgrading light fixtures

Lighting is very important; it sets the mood and ambiance for your whole setup. If you want to update your kitchen, looking at your lighting is a great way to go. Modern kitchens may have ambient lighting in addition to extra lighting in the room or above the countertop.

If your kitchen doesn’t have this setup, or you notice unlit corners or lighting that is too soft or harsh, consider adding new lighting to your kitchen. For a simple change, try switching out light fixtures for a new look.

5. Accentuate with curtains

If you live in an area that sees lots of sun spill into your kitchen, you’ll want to get curtains for its windows.

Not only can curtains be used visually to tie the colors and theme of your kitchen together, but they can also help to protect your appliances and other possessions from being faded by the sun when you aren’t in the room.

6. Update your kitchen sink

Updating your sink is another great choice for upgrading your kitchen that offers an improvement in both form and function.

Whether you prefer a white butler sink, a stainless-steel sink or a copper one, a new sink can make a statement in your kitchen. Aside from the look, consider the sink’s use when evaluating upgrade options; you need something that accommodates all your food prep and dishwashing needs. If you have the space, upgrading to a larger sink can make dishwashing a lot more manageable.

7. Re-decorate with accessories

Decorate Upgraded Kitchen with Accessories

Adding decorations to your kitchen is a great way to make all of the elements of your kitchen come together. You can display your favorite pieces with open shelving or reorganize your countertop so that only your select favorite pieces are displayed. You might also consider picking colored countertop appliances that fit a certain theme or that otherwise work well with the scheme you’re going for with your kitchen.

8. Refurbish your worktops

Installing new countertop is one of the most momentous ways you can change the look of your kitchen, but can be a pricier upgrade. Laminate is one of the cheapest and most cost-effective options available, but you could go big with some stone or wood, too.

9. Update your kitchen floor

If your current kitchen floor isn’t fitting in with your vision, don’t bother tearing it out for a full replacement. Instead, follow the advice of kitchstarken designers and run it under the plinths to cut costs.

10. Further accessorize with vintage furniture, cookbooks and art

Thrift shopping can yield vintage treasures at a bargain price and is worth trying out. When making the finishing touches to your kitchen upgrade, consider further spiffing up your space and completing your vision with new chairs, pots, pans, and/or wall art. Flex your creative muscle here to really hammer your look home with guests.